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Discovery Counseling Center in partnership with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District's 

Alternative to Suspension Program 

The Discovery Counseling Center has partnered with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District to create a program for first-time tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol-related school suspensions. If the student and his or her parents agree to participate in the program, the student will receive a reduction in the number of days suspended. 

What is it: The suspended student will undergo an assessment of his or her current marijuana, alcohol, or tobacco use. This is done with a counselor in a one on one setting. 

There is a mandatory subsequent family session to discuss the assessment and offer resources and referrals. Family sessions may include one or both parents, step-parents, legal guardians and any family members who may be affected by the suspension or family situation who wish to attend. The student must be present for the follow-up family session. 

At the completion of both sessions, the appropriate school administrator is informed and the student may return to school at the discussed date. If the student and parents fail to complete the program, the original number of days suspended will be reinstated.