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Project EmpowHer/Guy’d 2 Greatness

As an extension of the district’s 21st Century Health Literacy Programs, including Second Step, the Discovery Counseling Center offers a monthly Project: EmpowHer and Guy’d 2 Greatness program  for 4th and 5th grade students.


Today’s students need help with everyday challenges and stresses, especially with peer relationships. Girls are immersed in a culture of relational aggression where they are wounded by the words and actions of other girls. Boys face societal pressures to “be a man” while given few outlets to express troubling emotions or develop coping strategies. This occurs at a time in their development where relationships are of paramount importance and can be tumultuous as a child develops his/her identity. Peer relationship problems and aggression in the form of bullying interfere with children aligning with each other and deprive them of a valuable support-system and sense of belonging.


Students need to be given alternatives for more positive behaviors and guided to understand different types of aggression. Project: EmpowHer and Guy’d 2 Greatness offer support for students by educating them about relational behaviors and bullying: how it hurts, why it happens, ways to cope, and the assurance that these behaviors can be changed. 


Project: EmpowHer and Guy’d 2 Greatness are currently running at ten elementary schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. These workshops occur at each school campus, during school hours, and are facilitated by Discovery Counseling Center therapists Jennifer Zink and Rob Ayala. 

If you have any questions or would like these programs to come to your child’s school, please contact Jennifer Zink by voice mail at (925) 837-0505 ext.315 or by email at