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Counseling, Intervention 
and Support for Seniors 

Activities, programs and outings are designed to help older adults lead productive, interesting and engaged lives.  These all contribute greatly to participants’ maintaining a positive outlook on life. However, for many seniors, this may not be enough.  What about the seniors who are struggling with depression, anxiety over a spouse’s illness, or stress because of dwindling financial resources? Coping with mental health issues is a critical part of the aging process, which is often sadly neglected.

Thanks to a generous donation from Chevron, Discovery Counseling Center and the Town of Danville have partnered to provide much-needed mental health services to seniors at Danville's Veterans' Hall and at the Discovery Counseling Center clinic. CISS: Counseling, Intervention & Support for Seniors brings mental health services to where seniors gather on a regular basis. 

Discovery Counseling Center's therapist, Dr. Frances Rapoport, is available at the Vet's Hall one day every-other week and at the Discovery clinic once a week. Dr. Fran has set up office hours right in the Vet's center and in the clinic that makes therapy readily available and non-threatening. Fran also offers group counseling on issues such as grief, loss, transitions and maintaining good mental health, which meets once a week at the Discovery center. 
For more information and to learn more about if the CISS program or Group is right for you call:         (925) 837-0505