SCIP Counselors

(School Counseling and Intervention Program)

Heather Cann- John Baldwin Elementary

Rick Cannon- Charlotte Wood Middle School

Carlynne Cuyson- Montair Elementary

Alexandra DeMarco- Greenbrook Elementary

Reuel Evans- Stone Valley Middle School

Natasha Frietas- Coyote Creek Elementary

Philippa Hare- Goldenview Elementary

BJ Henry- Pine Valley Middle School and California High School

Alexandria Jones- Venture School and Dougherty Valley High School

Uzma Khurram- Creekside Elementary

Bella Lurie- Bella Vista Elementary

Audrey Majerczak - Twin Creeks Elementary 

Kathleen Mazolewski- Del Amigo High School and San Ramon Valley High School

Sara McCracken- Country Club Elementary 

Molly McGuire- Sycamore Valley Elementary

Craig Melton- Quail Run Elementary 

Jenna Nowaczyk- Neil Armstrong Elementary

 Luisa Orozco- Green Valley Elementary 

Maria Otsuka- Goldenview Elementary 

Dana Power- Montevideo Elementary

Ellen Raboin- Vista Grande Elementary

 Jennifer Rhoads- Monte Vista High School and Gale Ranch Middle School

Leigh Scanlon- Hidden Hills Elementary 

Natascha Thomson- Tassajara Hills Elementary

Peggy Wong- Iron Horse Middle School and Live Oak Elementary 

Brooke Woodward- Walt Disney Elementary 

Whilhana Zaghetto Shetty- Bollinger Canyon Elementary and Diablo Vista Middle School

Emy Zettner- Windemere Middle School

Clinic Counselors

Noah Asch

Registered Psychologist, PsyD

(Clinical Psychologist) 

Rick Cannon 

Registered APCC

(Associate Professional Clinical Counselor) 

Nitsa Dimitrakos

Registered Psychologist, Ph.D. 

(Clinical Psychologist) 

Beverly Davis

Registered AMFT

(Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) 

Reuel Evans

Registered AMFT 

(Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) 

Philippa Hare

Registered AMFT 

(Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) 

Uzma Khurram 

Registered AMFT, APCC

(Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor) 

Kathleen Mazolewski

Registered AMFT

(Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) 

Maria Otsuka 

MFT Trainee 

(Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee)

Raj Patel

Registered AMFT

(Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) 

Jennifer Rhoads 

Registered AMFT

(Associate Marriage and Family Therapist)