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Discovery’s Challenge: Please Help!

Today’s students need support with everyday challenges and stresses, but especially with peer relationships. At Discovery, we believe that students need to be given alternatives for positive behaviors and guided to understand different types of relational aggression or bullying. Our staff has developed two highly-regarded programs that address this important issue.

Girls need to be given alternatives for more positive behaviors and guided to understand relational aggression and how to avoid using their relationships to hurt each other.  Project EmpowHer offers support for 4th and 5th girls by educating them about relational aggression: how it hurts girls, why it happens, ways to cope and the assurance that these behaviors can be changed. 

Guy'd To Greatness offers support for  4th and 5th boys by giving them the tools necessary to express how they feel and work through conflict via positive communication. It also explores ways for boys to be in touch with their feelings and the feelings of others.

The Quest Foundation has provided generous funding for these programs and has encouraged us to expand to more schools by offering us a 2:1 challenge grant. If we raise $15,000, the Quest Foundation will donate $30,000 to our anti-bullying programs. With a successful fundraising campaign, over 2,000 4th and 5th graders will be able to participate in Discovery’s powerful and effective anti-bullying courses.

Many supporters came together for a very successful fundraiser this fall which has helped us tremendously in our effort to raise $15,000. We only have $1,900 left to go. Please consider making a donation today to help us reach our goal. We are so very close!

Thank you so very much.

Discovery Counseling Center - Quest Foundation Challenge

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Discovery Counseling Center offers counseling for:
Adolescent Issues
Alcohol Recovery 
Anger Management 
Child Temperament Issues 
Eating Disorders
Family Disharmony
Grief & Loss
Low Self Esteem 
Parenting Issues 

Discovery offers comprehensive affordable and accessible mental health services in time of crisis, emotional need and life transitions. 
About Discovery Counseling Center

Discovery is a community based non-profit organization serving our community for over 40 years. Discovery Counseling Center is dedicated to enhancing the well-being and quality of life for individuals and families in the greater San Ramon Valley. We are committed to providing you with affordable and high quality mental health services and improving bonding and healthy communication in your family. 

Our Mission 

To enhance the well being and quality of life for individuals and families in the greater San Ramon Valley community by: 

- providing affordable, high-quality mental health services through clinic and school-based counseling 
- reducing the incidence of substance abuse through prevention and recovery services
- promoting family bonding and healthy communication through education & outreach 
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