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“A society grows great when old men plant trees in shade they know they will never sit.”

- Greek Proverb

It is in this spirit of preparing for the next generation that Discovery Counseling Center is proud to announce the establishment of the Katie Combs Endowment Fund. Katie worked at Discovery Counseling Center for the last six weeks of her too short life, but in that little time, she, with her intelligence, her joy and her sense of humor, made a huge impact on all who knew her.  Not only was she bright and fun-loving, Katie was also caring and kind. She embraced Discovery Counseling Center’s mission of providing high quality, accessible and affordable mental wellness services to our community.

Discovery has been an integral part of the San Ramon Valley for almost 50 years and the need for mental health services has grown every year. Starting with one part-time therapist, Discovery now has 21 full and part-time licensed therapists in their Danville clinic and another 33 counseling interns in 36 schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.  Up until now, Discovery has been able to match the growing need for services in large part because of the incredible contributions of the Friends of Discovery who brilliantly operate the local Thrift Station.  Their extraordinary efforts have been critical to fulfilling Discovery’s mission for the past five decades.

Now, as Discovery’s Board of Directors looks to the future, they believe it is prudent to develop another steady source of funding.  Many of Katie’s family members and friends contributed generously to a memorial fund established in her memory and it is those contributions that are the seed money for the Katie Combs Endowment Fund.  It is the intention of the Board of Directors to add to this endowment fund annually and to invest the income generated. With additional donations and careful management, Katie’s Fund will eventually generate sufficient income to continue Discovery’s mission of providing financial assistance to families in critical need of mental health services for the next 50 years.

As we plant our tree, we thank you for your support and invite you to join us in growing Katie’s Fund and providing fruit and shade for the next generation. 

You can donate directly to the fund by clicking below:


For more information on how to contribute to Katie’s Fund, please contact us at 925.837.0505.    

Thank you to all who contributed to Katie’s memorial fund that provided the initial critical funding to establish Katie’s legacy and to those who have donated to the Endowment Fund.

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